Placement Variety

The nature of politics is rough and tumble but fun. PoliTemps will help you with this quick primer:

  • With many organizations based in Washington, D.C., we use "political or public affairs" to define many of these working with non-profits, political consulting, government relations, public affairs, lobbying, and public relations.
  • At PoliTemps, we place candidates in a variety of organizations in the Washington, D.C., metro area.
  • The positions maybe administrative, legislative, research, PR-related, or helping with a fundraiser on Capitol Hill. We also place senior-level personnel for consulting and permanent placement.
  • Our clients are wide-ranging as well. We work with nonprofits, lobbying firms, political consultants, associations, and government offices. Our clients range from multi-national companies with a global presence or small "mom and pop" political consulting firms.
  • Because our staff has a background in politics, campaigns, and/or recruiting, we'll work hard to place you at organizations that are a good match.

Welcome aboard, and we look forward to working with you.